Floquet is a joint venture between 2pi Software and Aqacia. The organisation combines the prestigious academic AI and Quantum credentials of Prof Ping Koy Lam, Prof Ben Buchler, and Dr Aaron Tranter with the robust software engineering and cloud capabilities of the 2pi Software team. This venture also links the blue chip and tech client base, and partnerships, of both companies: Silcon Quantum Computing (SQC), Diraq, Nomad Atomic, PV Labs, ABS, AEC, CSIRO, ACT Gov, Bega Cheese, AWS, GitLab

The team

Dr Aaron Tranter

Chief Executive Officer
Quantum/ML Research Fellow (ANU)

Carsten Eckelmann

Chief Technology Officer

Prof Ping Koy Lam

Chief Quantum Scientist

Angela May

Business Manager

Prof Ben Buchler

CQC2T Node Director (ANU)

Liam O’Duibhir

General Manager