Suitable for :-

  • sparse sampling constrained environments
  • cases where it is expensive to acquire sample data
  • high dimensionality problem domains
  • cyclical and automatable target systems
  • instances where hard parameter bounds exist

Through the use of heuristic analysis and ensemble methods the DLO is able to optimise high-dimensional systems with complex parameter relationships and hard bounds. The DLO operates in-loop to optimise automatable systems with minimal sampling.

DLO Cloud

  • Get access to our API to start optimising your systems
  • Cloud-hosted hardware to save on costs
  • Cloud storage for your optimisation artifacts and history
  • Fast support for API and website usage

DLO Plus

  • All Cloud plan benefits
  • Expert guidance through DLO integration and cost function design
  • Full support for automating your systems with Liquid Instruments Moku hardware

DLO Dedicated

  • All PLUS plan benefit
  • Self-hosted DLO stack on-premises for data security and regulatory compliance

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