Eliminate the ‘undifferentiated heavy lifting’ of operationalising software solutions on behalf of Science, Research and Academic domain experts

The Floquet team offers specialist assistance to technical groups with deep domain level skills and expertise, typically in the complex AI/ML and/or Quantum spheres, but face challenges in delivering software development solutions and products. This is a barrier to solution-building for many scientific, academic and research communities, and in particular, it can block the path to realisation of commercial goals.

The Floquet team can apply a concierged approach to streamline and assist, or in particularly challenging matters ‘handhold’ domain experts, especially those from a non-coding or minimal coding background.

Concierged software development assistant can include

General Software development & integration

  • Custom API development
  • Custom workflows
  • Code improvements – Efficiencies, Shorter faster, Readable and maintainable

Cloud Enablement

  • Infracode (AWS CDK, Terraform, Containers, Kubernetes)
  • Containerisation – ensure portability, transferability and shareability of algorithms
  • AWS Console – hand-holding, coaching, automation


  • CI/CD ( GitLab – dev, stage, prod – desktop to cloud)
  • Lib dependencies and conflicts – Python version Whack-a-mole
  • Automated regression testing
  • Best of Breed Toolsets


  • Linking lab-based Quantum devices to the world via the cloud
  • AWS Marketplace Integration
  • App Store Deployment

Custom Software Development

  • Serverless systems
  • AI/ML solutions
  • Big Compute algorithms
  • LLM access and integration

Support & Maintenance

  • Solution Operationalisation
  • On-call ‘code cutting’ Helpdesk